The Mami Mogul Worldwide Beach Brand

Mami Mogul Worldwide was founded by Buni Milani in the year 2020. Her vision for the brand is to make it one of the biggest brands in the world, while simultaneously changing how the world views luxury. The whole brand and sub brands are so cohesive, Milani's job appears to be very easy. The cozy, beachy brand has had an identity since its launch, which is expressed by living a beautiful, clean, carefree life full of laughter, leisure, and sexiness.  

MMW was never focused on beating out any competition because they don't quite have any. Yes, there are other beach brands in the world, but Mami Mogul Worldwide is so much more. This is an entire lifestyle. The vibe is just different here and that is very evident. No competition allows MMW to focus on it's customer base and quality.

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